Tournament & Social Events

***Tournament cancellation***

After some soul-searching, we have decided to cancel our 12th May Tournament. A clash with the final day of the Premiership may have played a part in some teams pulling out.

What is coming up:

Topny Dixey has organised to take an Over-50s team to the South West Super Cup in Clevedon on the last Sunday in May. 

The Over-60 Super Cup event was moved to 12th May, which clashed with our (now-cancelled) tournament.

Jefdf the Chef is asking for interest in holding an Over-70 friendly at Five Rivers, against a team from Bournemouth - no date is yet set.

Preparations continue for the mega-tournament in support of Stephen Darby's fundraising for the Motor Neurone Disease charity. It will be played on 28th July, at the Salisbury FC  stadium.

Following our games, a number of the lads stay behind to play badminton - all are welcome to participate and Roger Froud is the contact point. 

Steve Riddell also organises golf days, the most recent of which was on Wednesday 24th April in Andover. 

For more info or to add your suggestions, contact:

Jeff the Chef or

Chris Christian