Salisbury Walking Football

Come and join us over-50's, playing 5-a-side for fun.

Overview for newcomers

No need to book - just come along and play

Arrive and leave at your convenience.

Sessions are indoors and now cost £3 at Five Rivers

        (still £2 at Amesbury).

All you need is a pair of trainers and a drink.

You don't have to be a wizard with the ball.

Balanced 5-a-side teams are chosen on the day,

        alternating between playing and resting (see the photo)

Games are played in 7-minute slots on these days:

        9-11am Monday         Salisbury Five Rivers Leisure Centre

        8-9pm   Wednesday  Amesbury Leisure Centre

        9-11am Friday             Salisbury Five Rivers Leisure Centre

        5-6pm   Thursday       Salisbury Five Rivers Leisure Centre

                                                     - this is a women-only session

For more information

Contact Chris Christian on 01722-328266 / 07484-190759



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